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It was recently reported that Volkswagen had officially sold more sausages throughout 2015 than it sold cars.

You might be surprised to know VW is not the only automaker to have dabbled in alternative products.

From smartphones to speedboats and everything in between, here are 10 of the most unexpected things also made by car companies.


Lamborghini – Smartphones & Tractors

Created especially for the Christmas season as a stocking filler for the ultra-rich, Lamborghini’s £4,000 Tauri 88 smartphon has a 5” HD touchscreen, 20 megapixel camera and more memory than most laptops Only 1,947 were made, adding to the exclusivity.

Lamborghini has also been making tractors since 1948, specialising in tractors for vineyards.

Maserati – Horse saddles

Maserati teamed up with polo equipment manufacturer La Martina to produce a bespoke horse saddle.

According to the marque, the exclusive saddle has been created from the finest quality full-grain leather, with suede inserts and a design inspired by the appearance of the Maserati Ghibli.

Maserati says it provides the rider with maximum comfort, stability and control, but whether it adds any extra horsepower or not remains to be seen….

Peugeot – Pepper mills

Not many people are aware, but long before Peugeot made cars it held a reputation for making some of the finest quality machinery around. Founded in 1810, the first thing that Peugeot made was a saw blade created from high quality laminated steel.

Over time, the manufacturer developed a reputation for making the best salt and pepper mills in the business, and to this day it continues to make them.

Peugeot also continue to make a line of bicycles including electric bikes.

So next time you’re in a restaurant, turn the pepper mills upside down to see if they’re Peugeot branded. You might be surprised!

Bentley – Home furniture

Not content with making some of the most luxurious cars in the world, Bentley has also in the past decided to turn its attention towards developing luxury furniture for its customers.

If you’re the sort of person who just has to have matching everything, you can buy chairs, tables, sofas and even beds all branded with Bentley’s signature logo. This could be the perfect piece for your home.

Jaguar – Speedboats

Typically cats hate water, but that didn’t stop Jaguar making a speedboat to complement the XF Sportbrake when it launched.

Drawn up by designer Ian Callum, the boat was composed of a fibreglass hull and a teak deck in conjunction with prominent carbon fibre trim, alongside the famous Jaguar badge on the back decking and fuel filler caps.

Interestingly, the fin on the decking is also offset in a tip of the hat to the legendary Jaguar D-Type.

Honda – Aeroplanes & Lawn mowers

So you probably knew that Honda makes lawnmowers, leaf blowers and the like, and if you pay attention to adverts, you already know about ASIMO the highly impressive robot. What about jets, though? Easily the fastest Honda you can buy today, Honda produces private jets.

Toyota – Houses & Sewing machines

Toyota started half-century ago, making window frames, not cars, and today it’s the largest house builder in three regions of Japan. You may also be surprised to know Toyota also makes sewing machines.

Mitsubishi – Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Your business or office might be using technology made by Mitsubishi without you knowing. Mitsubishi produce a range of Air Conditioning and refrigeration units. Everything from small units for offices or large warehouses.

Hyundai – Container ships

The South Korean company does not only produce reasonably priced cars but also runs a large fleet of shipping containers operating all around the world. Some of the ships can carry up to 10,000 containers each.

McLaren – Bobsleds, Solar Panels & Racing Bikes

McLaren don’t just make Supercars but also Bobsleds, Racing bicycles, and Solar panels.

McLaren’s parent company, McLaren Technology Group, actually helped our GB team take home the gold in the Sochi Olympics. It’s also produced the most advanced racing bicycles and even solar panels.


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