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Chinese car manufacturers have been known to copy the odd car from its competitors. So we compiled a list of the good, the bad and the ugly Chinese copy cats of recent years. See if you can spot any familiar look a likes in the images.


Lifan 320 – (Mini)

The Lifan 320 is a 1.3-litre supermini produced by Lifan. First revealed at the 2008 Beijing motor show, it gained notoriety for its similarity to the Mini hatch. A facelift in 2013 distanced it from the Mini comparisons, but the car now bears more resemblance to the Fiat 500.

Landwind X7 – (Range Rover Evoque)

The X7 made waves in 2014 for its remarkable impression of the Range Rover Evoque. In fact, Range Rover were so impressed that it took Landwind to task over the X7 although Chinese authorities took the side of Landwind and the £14,000 X7 was put on sale.

Shuanghuan SCEO – (BMW X5)

Its profile and rear views are heavily influenced by the BMW X5. BMW certainly didn’t miss it, taking Shuanghuan to court over the SCEO. As a result, the car was banned in Germany.

CH Auto Lithia – (Audi R8)

You’d think the Audi R8’s distinctive profile could only feature on the R8, but CH Auto liked the design so much that it decided it would work well on the Lithia, its electric supercar. The front and rear aren’t so familiar, and are both distinctive and attractive, but the profile is unmistakably like the R8.

Youxia Ranger X – (Tesla Model S)

Resembling the Tesla Model S both inside and out, the Youxia which is Chinese for Knight Rider. It features Kitt-inspired LCD lights inspired by its namesake. A 0-62mph time of 5.6sec and range of 286 miles are claimed. When contacted, Tesla would not comment on the car.

Shuanghuan Auto Noble – (Smart For Two)

Despite its appearance and similarity to the two seat Smart Fortwo, the Noble has seating for four, although how comfortably those four can be seated is unknown.

Dojo Pioneer – (Aston Martin Cygnet)

If you were to choose an Aston to copy, the chances are you wouldn’t choose the Cygnet. Called the Pioneer, Dojo’s car is an all electric Cygnet clone, which itself was based on the Toyota IQ. Range is quoted at 75 miles, while top speed is a blistering 37mph.

Yogomo 330 – (Kia Picanto)

Kia may be a little cross about this. The Yogomo 330 is one of the closest copies we’ve seen, although whether a knock-off version of an already cheap supermini will find sales will be the real test.

Zotye SR9 – Porsche Macan

The body of a Stuttgart bestseller has been copied to produce this, the new Zotye SR9. On sale in China at a price of around £12,300, the SR9 will initially come with just one engine a turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol unit sourced from Mitsubishi developing only 187bhp.

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