Fed-up of seeing red at traffic lights? Yes, it’s part of life behind the wheel but not many will contest that it can be frustrating. But all that may well change. Here at GWA we learn that new Jaguar Land Rover technology being trialled on British roads may end the frustration.

Using technology that allows the car to communicate with the lights, the driver is told when they’re going to turn green and suggests the best speed to approach so they never have to come to a standstill.

The technology, called Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) will help free up traffic flow in cities, improve road safety and potentially help you to live longer, the British car maker claims.

The system is already in use and being put to the test on public roads by the vehicle manufacturer. If the technology was to be used on a wider scale, experts suggest it will reduce the number of incidents at junctions as fewer motorists will race to beat a red light or brake harshly when the lights are changing.