March was a bumper month for car sales, with 562,337 new cars registered. And it is said that hybrid and electric cars are becoming more popular. Sales of alternative fuel vehicles rose by 31 per cent in March ahead of the car tax changes, while diesel car sales (see previous story) only saw an upturn of 1.6 per cent.

The increase in sales of electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars means alternative fuel vehicles now have a market share of 4.3 per cent. Tax incentives and promises of better fuel economy had previously pushed buyers towards low CO2 diesels.

Of course, electric cars have been around for a few years now. The first electric car of the modern era, and the first highway legal production all-electric battery powered vehicle was the Tesla Roadster, first developed in 2004.

Now questions being asked are, amongst others, are: are the days of petrol and diesel cars numbered? Or are the drawbacks of alternative fuel vehicles still too big to make them an alternative, realistically?

You decide…we couldn’t possibly comment!


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