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Thieves have developed a sophisticated technique that allows them to drive off with some of the most expensive and apparently most secure vehicles available.

UK and Eastern European gangs are targeting virtually every BMW, keyless Fiestas, Audi Q7s, Range Rovers and Transit vans. And they are doing so with relative ease.

It appears stealing cars has gone hi-tech. Recently an Essex villain was arrested in London for stealing more than 150 cars worth nearly £4million.It was the biggest car theft ring the Met’s stolen car squad had ever seen.

The scam is simple. Criminals buy car-key programming devices (the internet is full of them) and pick their victim.

As the innocent motorist tries to lock the car, the signal is blocked by an RF jammer. The punter walks away, unknowingly leaving the car open, the criminal then plugs an information reader into the onboard diagnostic socket and reprograms a blank key and drives it away.

There were 1,000 stolen in this way in the past year in London alone. BMW’s and Range Rovers most popular. Some insurance companies aren’t paying out because a key has been used and claim it’s the owner’s fault.

This crime is on the rise in the UK and there is little you can do to prevent it. One suggestion is using a steering column lock, like Krooklok or Autolok. A visible anti-theft lock will make any crim think again.

We also advise Parking near CCTV, or where there are plenty of people, and double-check your car has locked itself. And remember, if you’re leaving it somewhere vulnerable, put on a steering wheel lock.

Here at GWA we also supply cars that have ‘old fashioned keys’……. If you want to be safe.

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