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GWA has welcomed government confirmation that it has no plans to penalise motorists by raising fuel duty or Vehicle Excise Duty rates for diesel vehicles.

The government refused to consider a rebalancing of taxes to address CO2, NO2 and particulate matter emissions. It confirmed its pledge that fuel duty on both petrol and diesel cars would be frozen for the remainder of the current Parliament. The Government also announced they had no plans to change the tax structure for Vehicle Excise Duty.

The government did confirm that it is currently carrying out a review of its national air quality strategy, which will be published at the end of 2015. This may lead to further initiatives, including the introduction of a national diesel scrappage scheme.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders has launched a campaign to raise awareness of clean diesel technology, as local authorities are drawing up plans to impose surcharges on cars that don’t meet the latest emissions standards.

The car industry’s trade body says that confusion over diesel technology could lead buyers to dismiss the latest clean diesel cars. Many car manufacturers have also teamed up with the SMMT to stop the demonisation of diesels and dispel old myths surrounding diesel cars.

The industry claims that low CO2 diesel cars have prevented almost 3 million tones of CO2 from going into the atmosphere between 2002 and 2014. The average CO2 figure for new cars in 2013 was 128.3g/km, down 20% since 2000.

We can positively report we are heading in the right direction with diesel cars.

The Environmental report on Air Quality can be accessed here.

If you are looking at a new low emission diesel car please call us on 01243 510 650.

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