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Do you have a green or economical car on your business fleet?  Due to the low CO2 emissions, Low company car tax bracket and low running costs an electric vehicle could be a step in the right direction for your company.

Below are GWA’s top 5 electric cars on sale in 2015 and why you should consider one.

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan leaf is the most popular electric vehicle in the UK. Launched in 2011 it set the standard for electric vehicles to follow. The current model has a range of 123 miles and they have even halved the time it take to recharge. Priced from £16,490 and with fuel costs of 2p per mile you might ask why more electric vehicles aren’t on the UK roads. Nissan have also recently launched a glow in the dark paint scheme for the Leaf, the first manufacturer to do so.

BMW i3

The Stylish i3 is a new model to the market, unique also as it is manufactured from carbon fibre and reinforced plastic.  Designed as a premium urban vehicle the little i3 packs a punch with 170 BHP, a top speed of 93 mph and a range of 100 miles. With its futuristic looks and technology underneath the i3 won 2014 ‘world green car of the year award’. On the road prices for this small premium package start from £25,680.

Renault Zoe

The Renault Zoe is the most popular of the Renault electric range, the electric motor provides 80hp and an impressive range of 130 miles on a single charge. This compact car has great styling and packed with high tech equipment is priced from £13,995 and to keep these costs down the battery is leased. This supermini is perfect for any individual or business that spends most of their time in the city. The car comes in 3 specification trims to suit all users and so is definitely one to consider.

Audi A3 e-tron PHEV

Whilst the other 4 cars on GWA’s wish list are all pure electric vehicles, Audi’s latest offering is a plug in hybrid that we have recently blogged about. The car uses its existing 1.4 petrol engine with a hybrid motor to assist. This results in a smooth drive and is a good option for those of you that aren’t sold on pure electric vehicles. The car boasts 204 BHP and even though the pure electric range is only 31 miles the car will achieve 176 MPG in hybrid mode. The price tag may be £34,895 but there is no doubt about it, the Audi A3 e-tron is an important car, giving further credibility to the electric/green movement. We know we can rely on Audi’s quality and reliability that we have all become familiar with.

 Tesla Model S

Here is another favourite of ours, but the £49,000 price tag has pushed it down the list. The Tesla Model S is the essence of electric luxury along with sports car performance. The electric motor produces 416 BHP and with a 0-60 time of 4.2 seconds you wouldn’t think it couldn’t get any better. But to top it all off the cars range is 300 miles making it very usable on a daily basis. The model S won world green car of the year in 2013 and its success has continued to grow.


So if you and your business are looking to keep up with technological changes and make use of the taxable advantages these cars can offer then please call GWA on 01243 510 650.


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