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As focus on emissions continue and the government ramps up vehicle taxation across the board, you need to make sure your fleet is as efficient as possible. Now we don’t just mean saving the planet, how green your fleet of vehicles are has an economic impact on your business.

With data from the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) we have produced a list of GWA’s top 5 Green Fleet Manufacturers.


 Volvo – Volvo’s continued improvement of lower emission engines has seen a well-deserved victory.  They are also aiming to launch 2 new plug-in Hybrid per year until 2020, which is extremely commendable.


2014 AV CO2: 121 g/km

% below 2013 EU emissions target: 26.2%

Models below 95 g/km: 14

Future eco effort: V40 to get to 82 g/km


Toyota Toyota the Japanese Hybrid expert was very close to taking the victory. The production of the GT 86 has pushed up its average CO2 ratings.


2014 AV CO2: 114 g/km

% below 2013 EU emissions target: 19.8%

Models below 95 g/km: 12

Future eco effort: Hydrogen Fuel cell tech to be launched this year.


 Peugeot ­– Peugeot has made a conscious effort in previous years to reduce it green footprint with a car that even emits less than 76 g/km.


2014 AV CO2: 111 g/km

% below 2013 EU emissions target: 18.1%

Models below 95 g/km: 17

Future eco effort: Further Blue HDI engines to be launched across the range.


 Renault – Renault has made a valiant push into the EV market in past years, keeping its average CO2 down.


2014 AV CO2: 104 g/km

% below 2013  EU emissions target: 22.9%

Models below 95 g/km: 22

Future eco effort: A new larger crossover is to be launched with eco credentials.


 CitroenAnother French manufacturer with a car sub 76 g/km, the company has reduced its average CO2 figure by almost 7% in 12m.


2014 AV CO2: 109 g/km

% below 2013 EU emissions target: 17.3%

Models below 95 g/km: 17

Future eco effort: Citroen will continue to roll out its 3 cylinder Puretech petrol and Diesel engines.


All of the above manufacturers are worth considering when updating your fleet to ensure you are not only kind to the environment but also your pocket. With news of an Ultra Low Emissions Zone for London launching in 2020, many businesses in the city will have to comply.


For more information on Green Fleet cars call GWA on 01243 510 650


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