To combat drivers impaired by drugs or booze, Volvo has announced that all of its new models will be equipped with in-car cameras.

The Swedish firm has identified the three main causes of road deaths – excessive speed, distraction and intoxication — and has set out to seek methods to prevent or mitigate the effects of each.

Volvo’s new in-car cameras, working with other on-board sensors, will be able to detect if an intoxicated driver is behaving in a way which could result in an accident causing serious injury or death.

Examples of such behaviour include extended periods of time without any steering control, drivers not looking at the road (or with their eyes closed altogether), excessive weaving across lanes and slow reaction times.

If the car detects these signs, it can intervene in several ways to prevent harm to both the car’s occupants and other road users. Such steps include alerting Volvo’s ‘On Call’ assistance service, limiting the car’s speed or, in extreme cases, actively taking over control of the car and safely bringing it to a halt.