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The MPG Marathon recently took place this is a live demonstration of how both car and driver can make a massive difference to fuel costs and emissions. In its 15th year, it pits teams of contestants together over a two-day event to push for the best fuel economy. The event is organised by Fleet World Magazine.

This year’s event consisted of 300 miles, 23 cars, 3 vans, some very steep hills and as little fuel as possible.

Day 1

With the cars each brimmed to the max with fuel by the AA and tanks sealed the group of cars set off from the Cotswold water park.They then headed out of Wiltshire onto their first target Abergavenny in wales for a spot of lunch. The second stage was to head back into England and up to Worcester.  They had an afternoon of very wet weather pushing through standing water did not help the MPG figures across the board. The day finished back in the Cotswolds with the fleet of cars already making impressive MPG figures.

Day 2

The second day saw the cars take on Salisbury plain and then bath. This saw the group take varying routes. Some went for the cross country route through Marlborough past Stonehenge and Pewsey while the other cars took the longer route along the M4. The cars then got together to de-brief and the MPG figures were calculated with some very surprising results.

Top performing cars

  • Honda Civic Tourer 1.6 i-DTEC averaged 97.92 MPG, 31% over the stated manufacturers MPG figure.
  • Ford Fiesta ST-3 1.6 ecoboost won the best improved MPG with 58.19% over the manufacturers figure.
  • Nissan Leaf in the electric category reached an amazing 344 MPG.

What can we learn from this event?

Keeping moving is one of the most important elements of eco driving. Plan your route and try to avoid hills and bad weather when you can. Hypermiling comes down to having a different approach to driving and keeping your actions smooth. Have a go and see if your fleet can improve its MPG.

For more information on eco driving please call on 01243 510 650



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