Drivers hit by biggest monthly fuel price rises in five months

The average price of petrol rose by 4p a litre in February while diesel shot up by nearly 5p, the RAC has revealed.

Published ahead of tomorrow’s Spring Budget – where the Chancellor is expected to continue the fuel duty freeze – the data shows unleaded went up from 140.75p at the start of the month to 144.76p by the close, adding more than £2 to the price of a full tank (£77.41 to £79.62).

Diesel jumped from 148.53p to 153.22p (4.7p), increasing the cost of filling up an average 55-litre family car by £2.60 to £84.27.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams commented: “Our data shows that in February, drivers endured the highest monthly average fuel price increases since September 2023. What’s more diesel’s 4.7p rise was the 14th largest since the year 2000 and the 4p that went on to petrol was the 17th biggest increase since the start of the century.”