GWM Ora UK launches battery assessment and refurbishment scheme

Its newly formed team of technical experts will provide guidance on the safety of the traction battery and its repairability status after a reported customer collision or accident.

The brand will also now refurbish batteries at its UK-based aftersales and logistics centre.

GWM Ora said the new initiative could result in less batteries going to unnecessary waste due to lack of technical information or the perceived inability to repair. Its technical team will provide a full assessment and report on the status of the battery, and if required, make the necessary arrangements to transport the vehicle safely and then refurbish it to manufacturer standards.

Toby Marshall, managing director, GWM Ora UK, commented: “Launching a new brand in the UK is no easy task, but for us it has been a little more straightforward as we sit within the International Motors Infrastructure. This means we benefit from the groups parts stocking facilities, vehicle and parts logistics, technical knowhow as well as other essential resources. Using that infrastructure, we’re taking further steps to provide even more support to our key stakeholders, such as this new battery initiative.”