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So you may still be a little unsure on electric vehicles, but Tesla have hit the nail on the head with the Model S. The Model S is the essence of all electric luxury.  It has caused a stir within the industry and is being hailed revolutionary and a game changer.

The all electric Luxury car has sports car performance with its aluminium body and 416 BHP it gets to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds which is astonishing. Now you may be questioning the range but the Tesla boasts a 312 mile range, more than enough for the majority of us. To fully charge the Tesla it will only cost you £14. Yes that’s for 312 miles.

There are a number of charging units available for both home and public. You can fully charge your Tesla at home within 15 hours, but if you wish to give the battery at quick top up an hour will give you another 68 miles of range. There is a network of Tesla public charging stations throughout the UK called superchargers. They are designed to give your battery a quick boost and will charge half of the battery in 20 minutes for free for the life of the car. That’s very generous.  Another handy feature is that you can check the battery status on your phone.

The car is finished to a very high standard and offers an amazing level of spec. The dash boasts a 17” touch screen for all car controls and settings. The speedo is also digital and can display navigation. The interior is also very luxurious with every gadget you will ever need. There is also an option to add a further 2 seats in the boot, turning this luxury performance car into a 7 seater. Having the light Aluminium body the car handles much like a smaller sports car and is a very engaging drive. There is no adjustment in driving style unlike other electric cars.

The early adopters of the Model S will be eco conscious business users. The car is priced from £49,000 but there are a number of benefits to business users including a £5,000 government grant, 0% benefit in kind tax until April 2015 and only 5% after that. Another key benefit is that the car qualifies for 100% first year write down allowance. You will pay £0 Road tax and even exempt from the London congestion charges. All in all, a very wise choice for anyone looking for an executive saloon with a twist.

Now that Electric cars are becoming more refined and usability increases we will be seeing more of them on the UK roads. Will you or your business be early adopters and be part of such a revolutionary change in motoring?

Here at GWA we have offers on the Tesla Model S so please call on 01243 510 650.


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