Volvo have offered tips on winter driving and we can’t let them pass without doing a double-take at the hint involving, er, onions! We’re not making this up! Read on…

Do your own DIY checks: It sounds common sense, but make sure you take a few minutes to check the stuff that matters, including making sure you have enough fuel, your coolant is at the right level and all your electrics are working properly.

Tyres, Tyres, Tyres: We’d always argue you should run winter tyres when it’s cold (yes, even in the UK) or some of the new ‘CrossClimate’ options year-round, but as a minimum, make sure your tyres have at least 3mm of tread. The old faithful 20p test will show you if they’re legal but try to be more than just legal in winter.

Get rid of Ice: It’s obvious, but properly clearing your windows (and removing any snow before you set off) is a no-brainer. But if you don’t fancy scraping the windows, Volvo reckons all you need to do is rub an onion on the glass the night before and any ice will fail to stick.

Be Prepared: Yes, be a boy Scout and makes sure you carry some extra warm clothing, water and snacks, a torch, a shovel, a warning triangle, a first-aid kit and that your phone is fully charged.